Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why I Like Real Racing 3's Free-To-Play Model

I was highly skeptical of Real Racing 3's freemium model when it was 'softly' released in Australia and New Zealand before the US. The reviews said it was horrible, and I was certain the game wouldn't do well at all. But a friend recommended the game to me anyway, and I decided to give it a try. I was very certain I would play a little and then let it go.

Despite my expectations, I got sucked in. I've been playing for a few weeks. The best part: I haven't paid a cent! Here's why I like it.


PC Parts You Should Keep Around or Collect

This is a guest post by Stacey Thompson.

People have been proclaiming the beginning of the end of the PC for quite some time now, but never has it been more apparent than the past few years. The marketplace is being bombarded with an increasing number of mobile computing devices: smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and gadgets that fall somewhere between. More people are finding these smaller, almost equally capable machines preferable over the bulky, hardly portable desktop units.


Should You Defrag Your Mac or Not?

This is a guest post by Vishal.

Whether we should defrag our Mac hard drive or not – is always a matter of discussion among Mac users. Many say that defragging Mac optimizes its performance while others say that it is just a hypothetical remedy produced by professional utilities. However, Apple too is not very definite about this subject as in one of its article it says, ‘you probably won’t need to optimize your machine at all, if you are using Mac OS X’. After that, it provides the remedies to defragment Mac. Moreover, it also explains some safeguards that prevent its hard drive from getting fragmented and as well says that if you encounter any of the below mentioned scenarios, then defragging your hard drive may get back your machine’s speed:
  • If there are several large files on your hard drive (large files can include video files).
  • Or if the hard drive of your computer is nearly full. That means it has less than 10% free space.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Windows XP Users, Kicked Off The Web after Antivirus Update

This is a guest post by Taylor Miller.

Computer malwares and viruses may be something that you can’t avoid. It’s like being sick because you’re human and all you can do is prevent attacks beforehand even before it comes to you. That’s how antiviruses should work right? However, computer users were rattled when the supposedly helpful antivirus worked against them.

The issue sprouted after thousands of Windows XP users applied for a misfiring antivirus update, which they don’t know about, from Kaspersky lab and were blocked from accessing the internet during the week because of the said update.


The Most Outrageous Cell Phone Innovations

This is a guest post by Roland Frampton.

The Good Old Days

How fondly I remember my first cell phone. The year was 2012 and I had just received an amazing new phone with a 4.7 inch touchscreen. It had Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It used a burgeoning technology called near field communication which allowed us to transfer data by simply touching our phones together. The case was made of a plastic polymer which allowed it to be just around a quarter of a pound. The battery, get this, was made of a lithium ion which allowed it to last over 24 hours without recharging. That was one of the biggest selling points and I remember thinking that I could go to school without having to recharge it in my car at lunch. I was only 16 years old, so it was very uncool to have to charge your phone all the time. I remember how adept I was at sending text messages and not getting caught by my high school teachers.