Get Your App Reviewed

Update (Nov 17, 2012): I am currently not accepting apps and have temporarily stopped (or slowed down) reviewing them. This line will disappear when I am accepting more submissions.

Update (Oct 22, 2012): I will not be reviewing every single app I get. I will review only the best and most polished ones. Also, if you don't get an immediate reply from me, wait. I am very busy and I have a huge list of apps to go through.

Are you a new app developer and want to get an unbiased review for your app? Stop going to family members and friends. Come here and get your app reviewed on RNIT for no price at all.

Yes, I will review your app for no cost at all with no catch!


  • Reviews are everything for your app! It will add credible backing for your app when you advertise it.
  • You can use snippets of my review anywhere you like! Add a link or two from RNIT's review to your website and App Store page.
  • You can get beta versions of your apps reviewed as well, if you can get it to me (through the App Store for iOS, or any way for other platforms). I can also provide exclusive, unpublished, one-on-one feedback on your app.
  • The review will be unbiased. I will look at what's good and what's bad in your app and I'll list both of them explicitly and without any coating of sugar. It will be a real review that you will be able to use to improve the bad aspects of your app.
  • All it takes is an email. No linking, referrals, money or anything annoying of that sort involved anywhere!


Currently, I have these devices that I can review your app on:
  • MacBook Pro (2012 Core i7 13-inch model running OS X Mountain Lion)
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 2 (Wi-Fi only)
I will get an iPhone at some point very soon, so I will be able to review iPhone only apps. If you have an iPhone-only app, I can still review it on my iPad. Get in touch with me for more details, as not all iPhone apps will perform their very best on an iPad 2 (because of bad camera, no 3G etc).


The really good apps will get an "RNIT  Favorite" badge in their review. You can use this badge on your website if you win it.

If you use this badge on your website, you must make it link back to the published review on RNIT when clicked. More details are in the legalese section.

How to go about doing this

So you've decided you want to get your app reviewed by me on RNIT. Here's how to go about doing it:

Step 1: Get a promo code for your iOS app ready from the App Store. If you have an app on another platform listed above, make sure you have a way of sending it to me.

Step 2: Email me at with details on your app and how I'll be getting it. If it's on an App Store, include a link. A description of your app will be great as well. Make the subject of your email "App Review on RNIT". If you have any special instructions, let me know in the email.

Step 3: Send me the app, download link or promo code if I say I can review the app.

Step 4: Wait for a reply from me. I'll tell you if I need something from you. If I have the review ready, I'll publish it and let you know within seconds via email.

More details + Legalese

  1. Format of the review will be similar to some I have done previously. It will be to the point, with a detailed section on "The Good" and one on "The Bad". There will be a "Verdict" at the end.
  2. I will be reviewing the app in my own time. It may take me a while. However, I will look at every single request and I will get back to you in case I cannot review it for some reason. I will not leave you hanging unless I have a strong reason to do it.
  3. The "RNIT Favorite" badge may be used anywhere other than this blog if and only if: I authorize it OR I put it there OR The owner of that website or whatever had an app sent in, which won the badge in the published review. You must make the badge link back to the review if you use it on your website.
  4. I will not spend any money to review your app myself (obviously). I will not test out any in-app purchases, for example, unless I can get it for free somehow. If the app is paid, I will require a promo code from your end.
  5. I will not review "stupid" apps. So don't send me your pointless fart apps that provide a minute of enjoyment.
  6. I will not test apps that are illegal or meant to help you do something illegal. I can review torrent apps, since they are not necessarily used for wrong purposes. I will also not do anything illegal or anything I consider unethical for the purposes of reviewing an app.
  7. I will not review apps that require any jailbreaking or heavy tweaking on my end that will void my warranties or potentially damage my equipment. Sorry, Cydia developers.
  8. I may change these conditions and guidelines at any time as I see fit. My decisions are final in all regards.