Friday, December 17, 2010

Blogger adds mobile layout

This was a very much awaited feature. At least for me. blogs, as well as those running on the WordPress platform automatically get a mobile friendly layout by default. Google has finally added such a feature to Blogger, and it looks way better than the default WordPress mobile theme.

When you log into Blogger next time, you'll probably get a pop-up on your dashboard asking if you would like to enable the mobile layout. You can click Yes if you like. If you click No and want to enable it later, you just go to the Email and Mobile tab in the Settings.

You can hit Mobile Preview to check out how your site will look when someone accesses it via a mobile phone. And I say, it's fabulous. See my screenshot up there?

So now, Right Now In Tech is also available in a mobile flavor. What do you think about this? Hit me in the comments!

Update: Commenter Gouthaman Karunakaran says that this feature does not yet work with all browsers. Only WebKit based mobile browsers will get redirected automatically. You probably need to go to directly for this to work if you are using Symbian or some other OSes.