Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Set up a PPPoE connection (with a username and password) on DD-WRT

Have a DD-WRT flashed router ready to be set up? Great. But your ISP gave you a username and password for your Internet connection. If you are asking yourself Where should I plug those in? then you are in the right place!

Here's how to set up your PPPoE connection.

What is PPPoE?
PPPoE stands for Point-To-Point Protocol over Ethernet. Explaining it will take a lot of work. So here's a brief overview for you.

How do I set it up on DD-WRT?
It's really simple. Follow these instructions in the order.
  • Connect to the router with an ethernet cable (it isn't mandatory, but you won't find cobwebs in your way if you do).
  • Log into the browser-based configuration page.
  • Go to the Setup tab.
  • Under the WAN Connection Type, change the Connection Type to PPPoE.
  • You will now find text boxes for your username and password. Enter them.
  • Click Apply Settings at the bottom.
  • Wait for the router to reboot automatically. If it doesn't work, reboot the modem too.
If everything went fine, you're done! Congratulations.