Friday, January 6, 2012

Corning debuting Gorilla Glass 2 at CES 2012

2012 is here! And the bustle about the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas is sparking and catching on.

Corning, manufacturer of the super-thin, super-strong and scratch-resistant proprietary Gorilla Glass screens has announced that they will be introducing the next iteration of the Gorilla Glass, which they refer to as Gorilla Glass 2.
Gorilla Glass has already been quite a huge success. It is used in quite a lot of high-end consumer electronics, especially mobile devices, which makes the screens durable and damage-resistant to drops and scratches.

Obviously, the new Gorilla Glass will be better than the currently used version. Moreover, in its press release, Corning has also said that their booth will also have Gorilla Glass in larger formats, such as in large touchscreens and televisions.

[via Corning]