Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Apple Releases iOS 6.1 to Public

With a beta that ran for months, iOS 6.1 - a major-minor software update for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad iPod touch) is out now. Anyone who could run iOS 6 can download and install this update. It contains various small fixes here and there along with some added minor features.

Official changelog for today's public release from Apple lists LTE support for more carriers (probably non-US), ability to purchase movie tickets through Fandango with Siri (say "I want to buy two tickets for Looper" or similar), ability for iTunes Match users to download individual songs and a button to reset advertising identifier (for those concerned about their privacy being encroached upon by robots).

One noticeable improvement that beta-using developers have noticed is a slightly redesigned interface when you double-tap the Home button on the lock screen when you have audio playing. The buttons and knobs have been changed to be more consistent with the Music app UI, as you see in the image here.

Also, after updating, your device may walk you through what looks similar to a fresh device setup. Don't worry, all your stuff is still there.