Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Download complete Facebook photo albums

Wish there was an easy way to download your friends' photos from Facebook? You can download entire albums in just two clicks. What you need is just a Firefox add-on (link in the end). Of course, for installing that, you need Mozilla Firefox. Here's the download link. Ok, so just start the download and continue reading.

To get started, head over to the page linked to in the end of this article. Install the add-on. It's called FacePAD. I can't get the reason for the name. Ha ha.

Now, after you restart your browser...

Just head over to Facebook, and right-click an album's link. You can go to the 'Photos' page from the left pane. When you do the right-click, notice the new option in the drop-down menu.

When you click it, Firefox will download it to the default download directory. Precisely, it is the folder where your browser generally downloads files. Usually, it's 'Downloads' in Windows Vista and 7, or it could be something called 'My Downloads' in the My Documents folder in older versions of Windows. It can also be the desktop. You can change the default folder from the Preferences.

Okay, so the photos will be separately downloaded, normally.

Okay, so you now have all the photos downloaded, separately in your Downloads folder. Organize them, rename them. Enjoy. You can now download all photos from any album from Facebook, in Firefox. Stay tuned.

Download FacePAD for Firefox.