Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Games: Need for Madness

Hey, everybody! Weekend is here again. And I have a really addictive racing/car combat game for you all: Need for Madness. Developed by Radical Play, though it doesn't have really great graphics, it's an awesome game.

You can play this one without the need to create an account or anything. Just go to the game (linked in the end) and start playing you head off.

It's a really mad game, even described so by the developers. The only point is to win all the levels and unlock better vehicles in the process, and finish the game. To win the races though, you have two options:
  • Finish the laps by going through checkpoints and beat the opponents
  • Waste the other cars by literally beating them up
When you click Play Game, you can start choosing your car straight away and start playing on the first track.

You have to remember two things during the play: Power and Damage. The meters in the top-right of the game window during play tell you the damage done to your car and the Power remaining. This is like the fuel for your car. If you run out, it's game over. To get more power, you need to perform stunts. You'll get ramps and dunes all over the game, and you can perform stunts (described in the instructions). the computer judges the difficulty and complexity of the stunt you just performed and gives you some power for it.

Remember: The more power you have, the faster your car is too.

You can change the arrow at the top of the screen so that it even points towards the nearest opponent instead of the track. Remember that some tracks are really hard to complete and the only way you can win is by destroying the other cars. But this is not the best option always, though. If the track is a wide, open space, it can be really hard to chase down the cars to hit them in the best way.

Damage on the cars is the best part in the game. You can severely damage other cars or get damaged yourself. And it's fun. To repair your car, you need to jump through an electrified hoop that appears somewhere near a ramp in most levels. In some levels, which are very long, there may be multiple hoops too. Also, in many levels, some cars are meant to be aggressive and they come to damage you more frequently. It's also not uncommon to engage in a little dogfight with an opponent. And that's really great fun.

The cars:
Need for Madness has amazing cars, from flashy sports cars to even a truck, a monster truck and even an F1 car. These cars have a wide range of strengths and weaknesses, and you can check them out by analyzing the stats when you choose them.

Some cars are better for some races while others are not. Some can bash down other cars better without getting much damaged as compared to others. So choose wisely. Every two races unlocks a new car.

Well, that's it, you can play Need for Madness now!
After you are done finishing the game (levels are saved, in case you want to stop playing), I recommend checking out the sequel to the game. It has all the old cars, revamped, and many new ones. It has better graphics and more cars in each race. But still, at times it is not as fun as compared to the first one. Also, I strongly recommend that you complete the first game before trying out the second one. It's really much more fun if you already know many of the cars and how they used to look earlier.

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