Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Four examples of Google being a humorous company

If you've not noticed this, you live under a rock. Google really loves to put in bits of humor in their products and services. Here's a list of funny things I collected that they slipped into their web apps, in the order I find them funny, last one being the best. You can click these photos to enlarge them.

  • Priority Mail Enthusiasm:
I cannot even imagine Microsoft doing this. I am using the Priority Inbox beta in Gmail. Google seems to be having fun putting in funny, casual words here and there. For example, when you are done reading all the email marked important and unread, here's what you get:

This one's not that funny, but gives an idea of the average age of Google programmers (or monkeys... explained later).
  • Chrome's Incognito Mode:
This one's pretty funny. When you switch to incognito mode, where no browsing history and other things are saved (press Ctrl+Shift+N, or for old-fashioned people, go to the menus), it opens a new window. In that window is a really funny notice. It's serious in the beginning, then slowly turns 'creepily' funny.

Remember those warnings! They're for your own good.
  • Google Instant First Use:
When I used Google the first time after Google Instant was rolled out, I almost laughed out loudly, and I was about to disturb the class. The reason: the very funny message below the suggestions:

Yes, I felt both of them. I am serious.

  • YouTube's 500 Internal Server Error:
This one's awesome. Even when YouTube has an error loading, there's a hint of humor there. But I should add, not just a hint. This one may be capable of sending you toppling over, dropping from your chair. Read the first few lines (the ones written in English):

So, Google employs monkeys?
  • The April Fools' Day Jokes:
I'm talking about humor here. How can I not mention the amazing jokes Google has made for April Fools' Days? A couple of them are very very convincing. Terrific Google!

Well, I don't have photos of the hoaxes, but here is a list of what they've done, with links. Yes, the super-funny webpages still exist. Though I urge you to check them all out, I'd like to add that I particularly love the ones of the years 2000, 2005, 2007 (both of them, the second one here being the best of the entire pack), and many more.

I wonder what they throw out next year. Probably news that they have bought Microsoft.

Update: And here's another one of the funniest of all time!