Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movie box office performance data to be added to Wolfram|Alpha

And now, I'm a preview tester for Wolfram|Alpha. I can log on to a special server (try clicking it) they have where they publish test versions of Wolfram|Alpha for testing. I can then give them feedback and report bugs in the new features. So, I'll be able to blog about features that are not yet here for everyone else.

So, here's an upcoming feature. You will be able to see box office details for movies. Currently, the data is US only, and I expect them to widen this range before this functionality is published for the public.

The data will include the highest rank the movie could get to, the number of screens, the total earnings, and more. Here's a snip from the results for Terminator Salvation. You can click the image to make it bigger.

This will be pretty useful, especially for movie freaks. And as Wolfram|Alpha wants to cover all the world's information, this is a pretty important step too.

According to the tests I did, it was accurate, and there were no problems. As with any other feature, you can compare movies like this too. The only problem I got was that the data for Inception was a bit old (though it mentioned the same under the data, so no problem), even when Wikipedia had the latest figure.

So, let's see when this is rolled out to the public.

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