Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Small Tip: How to make a horizontal line in OpenOffice.org and remove it

One of the crucial things apparently missing from OpenOffice Writer is the ability to insert a horizontal line. Like one that you can add in after the heading of a document. But actually, it's not. It's just not so obvious. What you do is just enter three hyphens, like so: --- and hit Enter to go to the next line.

The three dashes are now a horizontal line.

You can also put in a thicker line, or a double line. For the double line, just type in three equal to (=) signs and for a thicker, bolder line, type in three underscores (_).

But, removing a line can also be hard. Try all you can think of, and it won't go. But you can just right click the text just above the line and in the menu, select 'Default Formatting'. The line goes away.

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