Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Games: Boxhead Zombie Wars

Welcome readers, to Weekend Games. Here, every week, I write about an awesome, free online game that is easy to start playing, and most importantly, it is... addictive. I have already written about UMAG and Need for Madness. This weekend, which also turns out to be Halloween weekend, you get some zombie shooting fun! Who doesn't like zombie games?

So, it's part of the Boxhead series, where everyone is shaped like a box. It's 3D, runs in Flash Player, and is great fun. You just go to the website, which is linked to in the end, and start playing. No account needed.

Concept and gameplay:
After you click Play initially, you get this level selection screen. There is also a difficulty setting, but I recommend that you don't tamper with this. The easiest is really, really hard too.

Level select
Classic gameplay
Classic is just the usual shoot 'em up. The game starts at level 1 and you have a weak pistol. You run about the ground, as different kinds of zombies attack, from various sides, depending on the level you select. As you shoot down the pesky zombies, some of them drop black boxes. They have pretty interesting stuff in it. It could be upgrades for your weapons and even new weapons and items. Some of them turn out to be health. And you get them once your health is painfully low.

Defence gameplay
Defence mode is slightly different. You have a set of awesome auto-shooting weapons in your arsenal. They shoot down stuff for you. The game starts directly at level 5 and lots of zombies suddenly come running at you. Slowly, the barricades will be destroyed by the zombies and the weapons will finish out (or be destroyed).

The game has a multiplier system. The more you shoot down zombies, the more the multiplier increases. If you keep on shooting, you get multiplied points as well as more multiplers. But if you stop shooting (which happens as levels rise), then the multiplier starts to decrease. If you are playing in defence mode, the automatic guns earn multipliers for you too.

All zombies can be killed. The red 'Devils' are extremely strong, and take a lot of time to be killed, and it is best to leave them for the automatic guns. But if you happen to be carrying a minigun around, you can easily give them a faceful of bullets without giving them a chance to burn you down.

Stats page can be accessed by pressing Esc during play
Remember, trees can be destroyed too if you shoot them a lot. Also, you can change the types of zombies that come up in the game via the game options before you start.

So, go ahead, enjoy your Halloween shooting down some zombies! Have fun.

Can you do that?
Play Boxhead Zombie Wars now!

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