Sunday, November 21, 2010

Actually integrate Remember The Milk with Google Calendar

Remember The Milk is an amazing tasks manager, with app support for Android, iPhone and basic web support for other cell phones, plus integration with Twitter, email and SMS notifications and much more. On the other hand, Google Tasks, though hard wired into Google Calendar and Gmail, is uh... rudimentary. 

Remember The Milk has two options toadd it to Google Calendar, and both have severe disadvantages. There is the Daily Gadget, which adds little checkmarks on each day. You can click them to see the tasks for that day. The problem is that it doesn't mark out the days with tasks, and you have to click each tick to find tasks. Then there's the newer Sidebar Gadget, which puts an RTM sidebar to Calendar, where you can see the tasks, add, complete and postpone them. But you cannot see the tasks marked out on your calendar, which would be more convenient.
Here's my tutorial on how to set RTM as your fully-integrated-with-Google tasks manager, and also show the tasks on your calendar without problems. You will also be able to add, complete and postpone tasks right from Calendar too.

It's really simple.
  • Start off by getting the Sidebar Gadget enabled.
  • Hide Google Tasks from the right pane and from your Calendar if you haven't already.
  • You should be able to see the Sidebar Gadget normally, and the tasks should appear for you after you've signed into your RTM account.

  • Now, head off to Remember The Milk.
  • You can choose either to display all your tasks with one color as a single subscribed calendar, or you can choose to subscribe to each list separately.
  • In RTM, go to the All Tasks if you want to subscribe to all the tasks together. If you want to subscribe to all lists separately, go to each tab and perform all the further steps for each one. I use Study and Personal a lot, so I'll subscribe to both these calendars and display them in different colors on my Google Calendar.
  • In All Tasks or whatever list you are subscribing to, right-click iCalendar (Events) on the right, shown below and copy the link location. This option may be different for different browsers. Firefox says Copy Link Location and Internet Explorer says Copy shortcut.
  • Go to Google Calendar.
  • Under Other calendars on the right (shown below), click Add, Add by URL.

  • Paste in the URL you copied from RTM. The calendar will appear on your Google Calendar and you can change colors for it.
  • Do this, as I told before for all the lists you want to subscribe to.
Now you can add, complete and postpone tasks from the Sidebar Gadget and everything will appear normally on your calendar. Note that the newly added tasks may take a while to appear on the calendar.

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