Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't expect these 5 things from the big iTunes' announcement

Apple is taunting us with a really mysterious message on its website. When you go there, these lines beautifully fade into your screen:

There are a lot of speculations on blogs online what this big 'announcement' could be. But here are a few things we should really NOT expect.
  • Wireless syncing: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users have always craved effortless sync with their computers without the need of a cable, especially after this app got famous in the news (but it was rejected by Apple). But sure, Apple wants their devices to be used in the way they like it. They have already got so many stupid reasons not to bring out wireless sync. When your iPhone connector gets damaged, you pay them for a new one. Besides, won't wireless syncing use up a great part of the iDevices' (humongous) battery life?
  • Support for non-Apple devices: This one is pretty obvious. Apple products are happy being compatible with only their siblings. Moreover, Apple likes to force users to use only their products with their siblings, while demonstrating how compatible they are with other things. Here, reasons may include: iTunes is an awesome music player and store. There are surely people out there who have chosen iPhones and iPads instead of Android phones and tablets because the latter ones are not compatible with iTunes. So, support for non-iDevices is impossible.
  • A brand new version: iTunes 10 came out recently, with a redesigned logo, that too. There is no way Apple will release a shiny new version of this music player. But who can tell? They are really weird people. However, the announcement on the homepage is surely a big one. An iTunes 11 update is really trivial (and stupid).
  • Demise of Ping: Okay, maybe Ping will slowly die, having recieved such a bad rep from everyone. But this announcement on the Apple homepage is really huge. They surely cannot hang their head tomorrow in shame and apologize for this really wrongly done potential social network. If Ping has to go, it will slowly be removed, and the news to be made will be left for the Internet to create on its own. Hey, is there a chance of Facebook integration tomorrow? Nah, mostly not.
  • Music streaming: You say What? I've always waited for this! But, sorry. Cloud streaming is apparently confirmed to not be coming tomorrow, no matter how good that might be. 
So, Apple has really planned something big for tomorrow. Something really innovative, and probably revolutionary. It will be nothing like anybody has ever thought of. Everybody, hold your breath and stay tuned to their website, tomorrow morning.

UPDATE! Okay, it's just "The Beatles. Now on iTunes." Great.