Monday, November 22, 2010

Get loads of free Dropbox space using social networks!

Dropbox has rolled out an amazing new incentive for you to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

You can get upto 768 MB of extra space on Dropbox by connecting your account with Facebook and Twitter, writing why you love Dropbox and following them too. Then you can post your 'why you love Dropbox' sentence to Facebook and Twitter for even more space. Awesome! Who doesn't like free stuff? Go here to get the perks!

Also, if you're still thinking about creating a brand new account, why not get some extra space to start out with? Get an extra 250 MB (or 500 MB if you're using a .edu email address) when you create an account after clicking this. After you create the account, finish the tutorial to get (yet) more space.

Have fun syncing stuff around!