Saturday, November 20, 2010

Michael Jackson - The Experience releasing on 23rd November

It's 20th November while so many people await with baited breaths the release of the video game, Michael Jackson - The Experience, by Ubisoft. Two months ago from now, Ubisoft released the official trailer, and the news spread.

Michael Jackson - The Experience is coming on the Wii, Microsoft Kinect for XBOX 360, PlayStation Move, Nintendo DS and PSP. I'm sure it'll be a hit. Though I don't have any of those, I just cannot wait to see all those gameplay videos people will make. The previews and sneak peaks really show that Ubisoft has successfully created an AI Michael Jackson.

I wish there was a virtual MJ as real as Milo.

Ubisoft very recently also threw out interesting previews of the game, teasing the people, building up anticipation:

Here are similar videos for Beat It, In The Closet, Ghosts, Another Part Of Me and Speed Demon.

Gamespot saw a game preview at GamesCom. Many details about the Wii and the Kinect version were revealed here.

The Wii version is being played with in the video above. It appears that the Wii needs just the controller to be in the right place at the right time to rack up points, instead of real dancing. The Kinect version will probably be much better, as this machine actually sees things in 3D and can detect your entire body as it moves, with face recognition. Felicia Williams (in the video) says that in the Kinect version, you will be able to "control" everything on the stage, dance and even sing like Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson int he game will follow our moves (probably) with all the glowing and sparkling that follows, including the light highlights on the floor.

Are you awaiting the grand release? Say it in the comments.