Monday, November 1, 2010

WebAsyst collaboration software plus DISCOUNT!

WebAsyst is an amazing collaboration tool. It is a suite of programs, which can also be purchased separately if you want, made for sharing data, connecting with colleagues, friends, clients etc. It can also be used to host an online store, backup files, manage projects, have a centralized address book for your company and lots of more things. If you stick around, reading this post, I even have a promo code which will give you a discount on the software you purchase.

WebAsyst is a perfect collaboration tool for you, if you are:

  • A school looking for a platform to share data with students and teachers, and let them collaborate in an online space.
  • An organization looking for a place to manage projects, communicate with clients easily, provide online support, create an online help desk for customers, give email services to employees and others, and much, much more.
  • Someone looking forward to establishing an online store.
  • Someone searching for a space to share photos and create albums.
  • Someone who wants to keep notes and reminders online.
  • Almost anything else...
Also, you can have any combination of any of the things listed above.

If you are still not clear, WebAsyst is a set of tools, namely,
  • Shop-Script - An online store platform.
  • Photos - A platform to upload photos and create galleries to share with others.
  • Mail - An email client, which also doubles as an email marketing tool.
  • Pages - A service to create and publish tutorials and user guides.
  • Help Desk - An online help desk for customers.
  • Projects - A simple, easy-to-use project management software.
  • Issue Tracker - An online issue tracking software to store issues and track their progress on the Internet.
  • Files - An online file storage software, which can be used for sharing data and for easy-to-use, reliable and secure backup.
  • Contacts - And online tool for managing and even sharing contacts.
  • Notes - A very simple online notes program.
And you can purchase all of them, any combination of them, or even each of them separately, as mentioned before.

Okay, here's the big kicker:
Everything works in any web browser!

Yes, all of this software runs from any web browser, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

There are two ways you can get WebAsyst. You can either buy the PHP (programming language for web apps) software and install it on your web servers, or you can go for the hosted option, which is free, has all the apps in the suite, but comes with just 100 MB of free space, and limited functionality for the applications. But also, if you go for the hosted option, you can still purchase the extra functionality for separate software, or extra disk space as you like. See? It's so flexible.

Although the latter seems to be a better option, there is no better version though. Each one has its limitations. To see the full list, go here.

If you choose the own server option, you can also get the software installed on your service by them, for an extra $50.

Discount here:
Now for the discount part. If you buy anything from WebAsyst, be it the entire package for an enterprise, separate software for home, or even upgrades to the hosted service, you will be prompted a promo code if you have one. Just enter 349252 for a 5% discount on your purchase. You can also click here instead:

While this seems pretty low, it can save you a lot, depending on how much of the suite you're buying.

So, head off to and purchase a copy for yourself.