Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Targus “Stylus for iPad” Capacitive Stylus Review

I do not know why Targus came up with this name for their stylus, considering that it is a standard capacitive touch screen stylus that works with just about any tablet or smartphone. In spite of that, this stylus is of great quality and the minus points are not that hard to ignore.

Compared to some of my other reviews, this one is short and simple. It has not been divided into sections either.

This stylus does not look very special. It’s not very bad looking, but it’s not particularly attractive either. The length is just right, unlike the Adonit Jot Mini and it is not too thick, like the Studio Neat Cosmonaut is.

I have the black version. But it comes in several other colors: grey, blue, pink, yellow, green etc.

The entire length of the body has a matte finish. Near the tip, there is a silver ring. There is a silver pocket clip on the back and a little hole for a lanyard or something. It’s mostly useless. But at least it’s not as annoying as the lanyard that comes attached with the AmazonBasics stylus.

The rubber tip is about a centimeter in length. This is not the best nub I have seen on a stylus, but it does a great job nevertheless. The problem with it is that the tip is far too squishy. It feels uncomfortable at first. It blocks a large part of the screen where you place it, so it may not be the best stylus for note taking that involves a lot of tiny writing or technical diagrams. The Adonit Jot Mini is a lot better for this purpose.

The tip does not bend and is certainly not of extremely low quality. It has proven to be pretty durable over the last several weeks of me using it. Because it is squishy, it does not require a lot of pressure to register a touch on the screen.

Although it bloats up when pushed on the screen, the sensitivity is great and I get really good handwriting when using this stylus.

The Targus Stylus for iPad makes a great stylus for drawing and painting but maybe not so much for notes (although I use it for notes exclusively). The long body makes some puzzle games (like Bejeweled) on a phone’s smaller screen easier in my experience because you can see more of the screen without your hand covering it and it’s fun to play games with. The soft tip does not make noises or threaten to ever scratch your screen.

At $15, it’s an okay deal. The AmazonBasics stylus certainly is a better product for its lower price (although it can be shipped in the US only).

You can purchase this stylus at Amazon using the link to the right. All colors seem to be cheaper than the store price of $15 and I say this is a great deal.