Friday, December 24, 2010

FarmVille no longer biggest Facebook app, CityVille here

Around a month ago, Zynga, social gaming giant and maker of the super-hit game FarmVille released the new CityVille. And now, it is the most used application on Facebook. Bye-bye FarmVille!

FarmVille is a real-time social game, exclusively available on Facebook, released on June 19, 2009. Users can create a virtual farm, progressing through levels and producing crops, later upgrading farms and purchasing items. It became a hit and Zynga has earned a lot of cash through advertising and in-game 'FV cash' purchases.

For a long time, FarmVille was the most used application on Facebook. But the newly released CityVille from the same company has suddenly overtaken the competitor. Zynga sure knows some really effective marketing.

This is really surprising. I could never imagine that FarmVille could be overtaken in such less time, being such a giant. Just a month! What does this mean for FarmVille? If these news suddenly spreads, I'm sure many people (Facebook being so diverse) will ditch their farms and move towards cities.

Go ahead and create your own city!

[Via All Things Digital via Mashable]