Thursday, January 6, 2011

HP planning an 'exciting' webOS announcement in February

HP, who acquired Palm, has decided to do something with Palm's mobile webOS. It has put out an invitation to an event in San Francisco on the 9th of February. The tagline simply says "Think big. Think small. Think beyond." And we have no idea what surprise they have in store for us.

Now I have no idea what webOS is like. So I can't predict. But here are some wild guesses:
  • An HP tablet to run webOS.
  • A cell phone series to run the OS.
  • They are fed up trying to make webOS work and are throwing it away.
  • They are not doing anything, just celebrating April Fools' in advance.
So we just wait for the news, and connect with Right Now In Tech on social networks (or RSS, or email) to know the news when it is out.