Friday, January 14, 2011

Tech News Flash: Google Translate can interpret voice, iPad 2 coming in April

There will be over 200 million FaceTime compatible products by end of 2012: Analyst Ben Reitzes says that the number of devices compatible with Apple's FaceTime video calling will rise to over 200 million by the end of 2012. This will include the iPad 2.
[All Things D via Boy Genius Report]

Google Translate for Android can interpret your voice into another language: The newest version of the Google Translate app for Android can translate a conversation into a different language as you speak. I see where the world is getting to.
[TechCrunch via Lifehacker]

iPad 2 coming in April: According to a rumor, the next-gen iPad will launch on April 2nd or 9th. It will get released internationally in July.
[MacRumors via Boy Genius Report]

Final Firefox 4 is coming end of February: I have been using the beta for Firefox 4 since a really long time, and I like it. Now, after a really long time, it is finally being ported to everyone as a stable version (more than a month later).
[ at Google Groups via Boy Genius Report]

Credit: DenVog

iPad screen lock switch coming back: Apple took away the screen lock functionality (stupidly) and made the button a mute switch with an update. Reports say that the lock is coming back in iOS 4.3.
[MacStories via CNET]