Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tech News Flash: iPhone 4 coming to Verizon tomorrow, 3GS now just $49

The new Facebook profile forced onto everyone: Facebook announced on its blog that the new profile layout, that was an optional upgrade since a long time has come out for everybody.
[The Facebook Blog]

Newest version of Google Goggles solves Sudoku: Google Goggles, the app for iOS and Android that lets you search via the camera has a new version. It's faster, understand print ads and solves sudoku.
[The Official Google Blog]

iPhone 3GS $49 from Apple: The very expensive iPhone's price is always reduced to $99 when the new one comes out. iPhone 3GS was available for the same price too. Recently, AT&T started selling it for $49. Apple has followed suit. So the iPhone 3GS, which was once awesome and really expensive is dirt cheap. Equal to the price of an iPod shuffle.
[Apple via Boy Genius Report]

Verizon iPhone coming out tomorrow: Everybody is anticipating the new Verizon iPhone coming out tomorrow, that is the 11th of January in the US (12th in some locations) at a Verizon event.

Nintendo 3DS is not dangerous: There was a recent hype about the glassless 3D tech behind the upcoming handheld gaming device, the Nintendo 3DS would damage eyes of young children under the age of six. But Nintendo has declined the claim. BTW, the 3D will deplete the battery in 3-5 hours anyway.
[Wall Street Journal via Geek]