Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tech News Flash: Toshiba's prototype glassless 3D laptop tested, just 495.66 million IP addresses left

Android selling super-fast: Android is selling a lot faster than the iPhone in the US and still accelerating. iPhone "still king".
[Nielsen Wire via Ars Technica]

Samsung Galaxy S turned out to be a super-hit: 10 million of the flagship Android-powered Galaxy S phones were sold in seven months.
[Bloomberg via Mashable]

Credit: Ars Technica

225.4 million IPv4 addresses used, 495.66 million to go: Well, I didn't know a lot about this, but it seems that we have still used less than half of the IPv4 addresses possible. But don't rejoice. It looks like this is pretty less too. Number of computers are growing continuously!
[Ars Technica]

Hotmail users' inboxes gone for five full days: Looks like Microsoft messed up with Hotmail. 17,355 users turned out with empty inboxes. Microsoft fixed it after five full days. I can't imagine the condition so many people must have been in.
[Inside Windows Live via Download Squad]

CNET gets hands-on with the Toshiba glasses-free laptop: Toshiba has created a prototype laptop that has glasses-free 3D graphics. Scott Stein from CNET experienced it.

You can now sell your old electronics to BestBuy: American electronics retailer BestBuy is starting a new initiative this year with a buy-back program for old tech. You'll get a percentage of the original cost back.
[Boy Genius Report via Gizmodo]