Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Verizon iPhone is here!

Finally, the much anticipated Verizon iPhone has come out in the US. It's all over the web now! After more than an year of rumors and waiting, Verizon users can enjoy the iPhone 4 without switching to the earlier-exclusive AT&T.

Here's the stuff I found from all over the web:
The Verizon iPhone is slightly redesigned. The antenna has no death grip issues, it appears. They've fixed that. There is a new feature that allows you to have a 'personal hotspot'. You can make your iPhone work as a Wi-Fi hotspot for upto five devices. But some blogs say that this may be coming to all iPhones with an update. So don't get sad yet!

The 'new' iPhone has no 4G support yet. It appears that Apple does not want to put in features that they have planned for the next iPhone. Oh, and it also appears that the Verizon iPhone does not support data simultaneously with voice.

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