Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Windows 8 second UI called 'Immersive'; has tablet-versions of IE, PDF reader

Within Windows is reporting on the leaked features of the next edition of Windows, that we are calling "Windows 8" for now. I hope it gets a better name though.

Windows 8 is getting a secondary user interface, that is built to be tablet-friendly, now that we see so many manufacturers making Windows 7 tablets. It is called Immersive. More after the page break.
Immersive apparently will have a Windows Phone Metro-like UI, made for tablets.

The Internet Explorer in Immersive has a design similar to that on Windows Phone. But it uses the desktop edition renderer. That was the clue for the Immersive interface in the first place. Immersive is really hard to unlock, according to Within Windows. But they found the web browser.

Microsoft is also allegedly making its own PDF viewer. Its interface also looks clean and slick, because it is built to be touched.

[via Within Windows]