Saturday, June 4, 2011

iCloud logo leaked, login screen too?

With just a few days left before Apple's WWDC 2011 event, rumors and leaks have started popping up. We now know for sure what the Apple iCloud logo looks like.

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The Moscone Center in San Francisco is being prepared for the conference. Some shots of the banners being put up show the logo for iCloud have got leaked. In my opinion, it does not look too good.

In my opinion, it looks so simplistic and cheap. But here's the usual case with me: When I hate new logos, I start liking it later on. It happened with the iTunes 10 logo.

Beside iCloud, you can see the icons for Mac OSX Lion and iOS 5.

Allegedly, we also know what the login screen for the iCloud service will look like. Though it looks good, Gizmodo's Adrian Covert writes rightly:
"It could very well be fake, because people love to create hoaxes before Apple events, but if this is Apple's iCloud Login Screen, it's a pretty one."