Saturday, June 4, 2011

Apple iCloud might be free for one year and cost $25/year afterwards

WWDC is coming in a couple of days. Rumors and leaks have already started coming in, especially related to the new Apple cloud/streaming service of some kind. The logo was leaked. And there is also speculation about the pricing of iCloud. Yeah, it will follow MobileMe's steps... probably.
LA Times reports that Apple has signed contracts with all four major record labels, Warner Music Group, EMI Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. It also says that Apple is planning to make the service free for the first year of use to iTunes music purchasers. Then it will cost $25 per year to keep. LA Times says that users will be able to upload music and play it through their devices or through a web browser, kind of like the Amazon Cloud Player. They also report that Apple will be selling advertisements around the iCloud service.