Monday, June 13, 2011

Use the ABOUT(n) search operator for efficiency

When searching online, you get several irrelevant results, which are irrelevant only because your search terms are far away from each other on the page (even though they are both there).

Here's a way to avoid that. Courtesy of Shankar Ganesh, guest poster at How-To Geek, here's how to narrow down your results to only those which have two terms close to each other on a page.

If you use the ABOUT(n) operator (where 'n' is a number) between two terms, only those results are shown where the two words within 'n' numbers from each other.

As an example, in the screenshot above, I have searched for 'facebook ABOUT(10) intel'. The results show only those pages where the words 'facebook' and 'intel' are within 10 words from each other.