Friday, July 15, 2011

Google Docs Viewer gets ZIP and RAR support

If you're a Gmail user, you probably like to view the documents in the Google Docs Viewer directly from an email attachment instead of downloading it to your computer.

However, someone comes along and sends you a zipped folder with the documents in it. Sure, it is smaller, but you will now need to download the folder and decompress the folder yourself before doing anything with the files.

But not anymore.

Google Docs Viewer can now extract files from a ZIP or RAR archive on its own now. If you choose to open the zipped attachment in Viewer by clicking 'View' instead of 'Download', you will see a list of all the files inside the folder.

You can then open up one or more of the documents directly or download select ones. You can, as usual save the documents you want to in Google Docs directly from that view.

Photo Credit: Google

This also works on mobile devices running Android or iOS which are already compatible with Google Docs.

Photo Credit: Google

Google has a sample ZIP folder for you to test this in. Click here.

[via Docs Blog]