Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Google Chrome is Now the Top Browser in the World

Google Chrome, which is the newest among the major web browsers on all desktop platforms has come out on top, according to StatCounter's global web browser statistics. Trends from 2011 show that Internet Explorer's (the usual king, because of being the default browser on Windows) share has dropped immensely to Chrome.
Although Chrome has beat IE recently for short amounts of time, only recently did it stay the most used browser for a period of one week. Chrome was only released in 2008, making it newer than the Apple iPhone, even.

In most regions, Internet Explorer is naturally the most used browser, although slightly more tech-literate people seem to prefer Chrome. Google's simple web browser currently edges out IE's share of approximately 31.47% with its 31.88% share.

What we have to wait and see is how IE will hold up against the other browsers once Windows 8 is released, paired with IE10.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share