Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apple Announces iOS 6, New MacBook Pro at WWDC

So WWDC started several hours ago, and Apple started it off with a special event right at the beginning. Here's a quick summary of what was announced.

  1. Updated MacBook line: Apple upgraded the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro line. They seem to have discontinued the 17-inch Pro.
  2. All new MacBook Pro: Apple announced a brand new MacBook Pro with a Retina Display. The Apple website lists it only as a 15-inch model. It is slimmer and has completely redesigned internals. More details here and in this mesmerizing video.
  3. OS X Mountain Lion: They showed off the new version of Mac OS X, that was announced on their website a long time ago. The beta has been available to developers for a while.
  4. iOS 6: iOS 6 finally got announced. The new iPad will get Siri, which has been updated extensively to work with movie showtimes, sports events etc. iOS 6 also has Facebook integration, the amazing PassBook for iPhone and more. More details on Apple's website.
WWDC will go on for the week. Let's see what else it will throw in our direction!