Friday, August 31, 2012

The Next Amazon Kindle Will Have A "Paperwhite" Display

The Verge has uncovered screen images of a next-gen e-ink Amazon Kindle device. We are expecting a refresh of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet as well as new Kindle e-readers on the already-announced Amazon media event on 6th September, 2012 in Los Angeles.

The new Kindle may have a "Paperwhite" screen with built-in lighting with a battery that will still last very long.
According to their report, the next-gen Kindle from the photos looks like a new device on the Kindle Touch line. It is missing the Home button at the bottom of the screen and the color is a very dark shade of grey rather than the lighter shade on the current version. The Home screen shows book covers (in greyscale, of course) rather than a mundane list that has been signature on the Kindle line until now.

Although we are not currently sure of its size, here's the design in comparison to the current model.

Chris Zeigler of The Verge says:
From the images we have, it looks like Amazon will be touting the unit with "higher contrast, high resolution, integrated lighting, and eight weeks of battery life," even when using the light. The retail name for this unit is unclear — Amazon could simply call it the Kindle Touch again, but "Paperwhite" might factor in as well.
I am not very sure of where he gets the battery stuff from the images, but whatever. You can check out the rest of the leaked photos over at The Verge.

Personally, I am pretty excited for a built-in light for the screen since I'm upgrading to a newer version soon. The new NOOK got it, and the Kindle should too.

[via The Verge]