Sunday, September 2, 2012

OS X App Review: Reddit Notifier

“Reddit Notifier is a very useful tool for active reddit users that frequently get orangereds, but it has little that makes it better than the others.”

What It Is

Reddit Notifier is an OS X app available on the App Store that notifies you when you have a new message or reply waiting for you in your mailbox. It’s that simple.  It sits in your menu bar and goes red when you get something. Here’s my short review after using it for a week or so.

Price: $2.99
Available for: OS X v10.6 or later

The Good


Reddit Notifier is a very tiny app. It’s actually just a 0.8 MB download from the App Store. It’s really lightweight and won’t really hog any noticeable amount of resources at all, even on older systems. This is pretty obvious from the small feature-set on the app.

Very handy

For those who get reddit messages very frequently, Reddit Notifier is extremely handy. You will never be late for a reply and you will be able to hold comment conversations without even surfing reddit continuously. No more refresh-waiting for that one reply you were expecting.

Audio notification

When you get a message/reply, Reddit Notifier can say “orange-red” or “oranger-ed” as per your setting, if you want. It follows the system volume setting, of course. Instead of the icon going red and silently staying that way in the menu bar, it will get your attention.

For the curious: Messages on reddit and even the red envelope sign are called orangered because of the color. It’s somewhere between red and orange.

The Bad

Feature-bare and overpriced

Really, Reddit Notifier does not have a lot to be better than the free and open-source “Orangered” app. It just has the audio notification, which is kinda useful, but not really much else.

I cannot justify the price of $2.99 for such a tiny utility that does nothing other than checking for reddit messages and opening your browser when clicked on. I would suggest a price of $0.99 if anything at all. It’s just a “meh”. 

A price of $2.99 would have worked if it had other features, like a small reddit messages client that allowed you to view and respond to messages without opening a web browser.

Download Reddit Notifier here.