Friday, October 12, 2012

Microsoft Office For Android And iOS Reportedly Confirmed For 2013 Release (And Denied?)

Back in the beginning of this year, there was a leaked image of the iPad supposedly running an iOS version of Microsoft Office. But Microsoft denied such an app. There have been multiple rumors of Microsoft developing a version of their Office suite for iPad.

New reports have spurred even more chit-chat about this app in the tech world. Microsoft product manager Petr Bobek apparently confirmed Office coming to new mobile operating systems in 2013 to the press in Czech Republic.
In a press conference in Czech Republic, Bobek said to a news website IHNED that the Office 2013 suite will be available as native iOS and Android apps as well. The Verge reports that they have seen a press release confirming this. It says:
"In addition to Windows, Office will be also available on other operating systems, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Symbian."
The press release mentions that Office 2013 will be available to businesses in December 2012 and will release for everyone at the end of February next year.

Microsoft denied all of this in a tweet:
"The information shared by our Czech Republic subsidiary is not accurate. We have nothing further to share."
[IHNED via The Verge]