Thursday, May 20, 2010

Enhance your Google search results page

Tired of the boring old Google search results page? Or do you find it inefficient?

You can make it better. When I search for something on the web, it looks something like:

There's an easy way to do it. You need Firefox first. Don't use it? Download this really amazing browser from here: Download Mozilla Firefox.

Then, go out and install the GreaseMonkey extension. This allows you to use User Scripts that use JavaScript to modify web pages.

After this, go install the User Script GoogleMonkeyR. With GreaseMonkey installed and the browser restarted, when you attempt to install any user script, you get a window like so:

Now you have GoogleMonkeyR installed. Go ahead and try a Google search. If you want to modify the script settings, and make the search page better, right-click the GreaseMonkey icon in your browser when you are on a search result page and change the preferences, as shown below:

[caption id="attachment_44" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Change the preferences to your liking in the box that appears."][/caption]

Personally, I have changed the number of columns to two, enabled numbered results and have enabled GooglePreview in the settings. You can even hide Sponsored Links and other things.

If you want to disable GreaseMonkey, just left-click the icon in the corner of the browser.Also, more User Scripts are available for sites that you may be using (like YouTube, Facebook etc.) at the website.