Thursday, February 21, 2013

Google Releases Video to Show What Glass Feels Like

Google has been going through Glass prototypes like crazy. They have been designing and redesigning the in-development product Glass on the hardware and UI level. They had released a video last year to show what the early prototype UI looked like. Back then, it was Terminator-style augmented reality that placed UI elements in your field of view.

However, this has changed. At this stage, Glass is a device that will display a very simple HUD in the top-right corner of your vision. They have released a video to show what it looks like through Glass.
The video shows various people going about their everyday lives: playing with children, running to catch a flight, doing gymnastics and ballet, taking pictures etc. They are using Glass to do G+ Hangouts with people, asking for translations, searching the web, taking pictures and doing other simple tasks.

The video shows exactly what it looks like when you use Glass. There is a discreet HUD in the corner that is only visible when you glance up (like looking at a rearview mirror). Because of the limitations of digital video, this unobtrusiveness in your vision couldn't really be depicted, but the video did a great job. Even in real life, the HUD appears to be on a very faint, translucent screen.

The slight skew in the view due of the camera offset (it's near your right temple) is also evident in the video.

Can you not wait for Glass? What do you think about it? Write it up in the comments!