Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My favourite browser

Now, I have this thing for Firefox. I love this browser. Google Chrome has already crossed Firefox in speed, but I am, for some reason, unable to move away from Firefox. I tried Safari a couple of days ago, and still found it short of features that I use.

I am part of the Spread Firefox Community and I suggest everyone to use this browser, so I think I should not move to somewhere else. Firefox is open-source, and it is not like other open-source software. It's reliable, it's fast, and it's flexible. It has this portable version available too. Let's compare the features...

Chrome is fast, light and simple. It has got pretty good graphics too. But it doesn't have so many extensions and themes available right now. It's incomparable to Foxy's add-ons and Personas. Firefox can be tweaked to one's heart's content. Chrome is all hidden up, probably because it's Google. Mozilla is a non-profit and so it likes to open up things to others.

Internet Explorer? There's no caption requried here. Everyone hates it. But yes, it has good points too. It's secure, regularly updated (and you conveniently get updates through Windows Update), and it is compatible with anything you can think of. It has got this new HTML5 compatiblity which even Firefox doesn't have. But what beyond that? Can't you live without HTML5? Though IE is completely hard wired into Windows, it's not so much fun. Where's the customization?

Opera is cool, smooth and fast. It can be customized to an extent. But still, the Widgets available are not as flexible as in Firefox. I got bored pretty quickly with this browser.

Safari is beautiful, with the cover flow type interface for bookmarks, history and the Top Sites feature is fun. But still, when I thought of moving to it, I found it hard to transfer the bookmarks and history from Firefox. Also, it had Flash problems and I was not thinking of fixing it up. It's an Apple product, so tightly closed and so hidden. Forget it.