Sunday, June 13, 2010

Podcasts in the Indian iTunes Store

I don't know when, but the Indian iTunes Store has got some cool new stuff. You can find Podcasts there. They have all the international podcasts, as far as I know, and others. This is an amazing new thing.

Podcasts do not require you to have an iTunes Account. You can subscribe to them anyhow. Previously, I had to go to the American store and search for fun podcasts and subscribe. Now I don't.

The Indian store had only Apps, and the recently introduced iTunes U categories. No music, no movies. But now the podcasts are here. What could it mean for India? This will lead to the spread of Indian podcasts on the Internet. There will be lots and lots of Indian podcasters. People will know they have a very big audience and start making podcasts. There could be a number of Hindi language podcasts on the iTunes Store, which will be great.

This could also mean more things. Gradually, FM radio could lower in popularity in India. Originally podcasts, were developed as a way to replace radio, which required a user to tune in at particular times for shows. The world is going fast, so someone started recording radio shows as we do with a DVR and a TV. This led to podcasting. Slowly, the use of radio has come down, and people prefer downloading podcasts and listening to them when they had time.

Oh yes, the Indian store has shown signs of update. This could also mean there will be Hindi music and movies on the Indian store as well. I hope people leave piracy behind and start downloading movies off iTunes. I'm staying tuned, hoping for more. What about you?