Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Add Dropbox to the Send To menu in Windows Vista and 7

So you love the way you can right-click anything and hit send to 'Desktop (Create shortcut)' or 'Compressed folder'? You can add a Dropbox option too in that menu. I had shown you how to get extra space on your Dropbox account. If you used it and then fell in love with the amazing app, use this trick to get a little more from your Dropbox.

It takes just a few seconds. Open Windows Explorer (Start -> Computer, or Windows key + E), and click the address bar. Copy and paste the following address into it:


Here, drag and drop the Dropbox shortcut from your favorite folders: 

If you don't have it in your favorites, you can bring it from whatever directory it is in. If you drag it in from the faves, and it disappears from there, you can drag it back in, and it works perfectly. You can rename the shortcut you just created, and it will appear something like this after everything's done:

For instructions on how you can do it in XP, go here.