Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog Transfer

So, I am a Google fan now. I use almost all Google services. What wajor thing I wasn't using was Blogger. I was stuck on WordPress (my blog was Tech Right Now, the name not being available, I adopted this new title), which I started disliking because of the inability to post ads once I got a lot of traffic.

So I thought of transferring my blog. I searched online and to my surprise, I received a number of ways to transfer from WordPress to Blogger. I used one of the services to convert my blog and put it up here. I find it is quite perfect. When this post was written, this blog was really, really new. So if you're one of the first people reading, you'll find a lot of changes in this blog slowly and steadily. You'll also find some problems with the old posts. Please ignore them. I notice there are weird words written on some posts, including stuff like [/Context].

The WordPress blog? It'll remain there. I am about to post a little notice there that the blog has been transferred, which will divert any traffic I may get.