Sunday, July 4, 2010

iPhone 4: Apple's biggest dud ever?

The iPhone 4 was a very much awaited piece of tech. Gizmodo first found the prototype in a bar, and later it was revealed to be authentic. I, personally, have never owned an iPhone, and I wasn't planning to get one. But I was ardent to get to know how it would come to be. We all awaited the announcement and release with bated breaths. Hundreds of people came out to get the first few pieces. But what happened after that?

The following are the problems I found out from various sources about the next-gen iPhone:

1. It shatters very easily.

2. It has very weird and funny reception problems (probably the most famous tech defect ever).

3. Scratches easily on the back side.

4. Some have yellow patches on the screen which Apple says "will go away soon".

5. A few of them have switched volume buttons (boo boo, Apple!).

6. Some have certain camera problems.

Now, this iPhone has amazing features. FaceTime is just video chat. Forget that. This one's faster, more feature-packed and better than ever. But these are pretty serious problems. I'm sure Apple's at a loss here. People are buying lesser and lesser iPhone 4s now.

What could this mean for Apple? Will the people lose their trust? How will the response to iPhone 5 be? It is possible that people switch to Zune and Linux instead of Apple products. But Apple has a number of die-hard fans. This iPhone must have cost the company many fans. What will Steve Jobs do now?

It's very hard to recall so many sold pieces now. It will account for a loss of millions of dollars. I hope Apple can fix these issues by software updates (or at least give the people free bumpers). That will be a huge relief all over. What I first thought was that the company will certainly accept its mistakes and try to get everything right. But Steve Jobs says that there is no antenna issue. But still it is hiring antenna engineers. What can we call that? This article says that the missing bars are software problems and will be fixed soon. The source can be reliable, but I find it hard to believe. Not the 'software problem' part. I am unable to believe that Apple takes iPhone 4 users as fools. Do they really think their dear customers will believe that touching the metal strips causes bars to go and CALLS TO DROP, which could be a software problem?

Anyway, whatever Apple chooses to do, they'll do smart. I have faith in them. All this problems will soon be fixed some way or the other. Oh yes, Apple advertised the iPhone 4 with the line: "This Changes Everything. Again." Yep, it has really changed a lot of things...