Friday, July 9, 2010

The iPhone 4 now catches fire

I had recently rounded up the various iPhone 4 problems I could find online. Now, to the list has been added the burning problem. An iPhone recently caught fire when connected to a computer via USB and burned the customer's hand.

Now that's horrible, Apple. I have heard that there was an iPhone 3G and even an iPod touch that caught fire once. More than that, the 2nd generation iPod nano was also known for burning people. But now, I don't think iPhone 4 sales will survive after this incident.

According to me, this is a final blow. I hope that the next iPod touch will be worth showering money on. People say it may have a number of new hardware additions which for now are limited to the iPhone 4 (like volume controls and a camera...!)

News from Gizmodo post by Brian Barrett.