Thursday, July 8, 2010

3D CyberShot cameras coming soon

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After CES this year, the world saw a boom in the amount of 3D products in the world. I had a feeling that the mainstream TV makers had all decided together to demo 3D televisions at once. Later, we saw the two cameras in the Nintendo 3DS which let you capture 3D photos. Now, things are getting hotter.

Sony has announced its new, 3D CyberShot models (one even replacing the pretty new CyberShot TX-7). They can capture 3D photos and then view them on 3D-enabled HDTVs via HDMI. That's amazing.

I'm sure this is going to be fun. These new models will also have the new 3D iSweep Panorama. I just got a new CyberShot TX5, and I am getting intimidated.

Originally posted at Crave by Joshua Goldman.