Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drag and drog to save GMail attachments

Drag and drop is one thing that saves your time, anywhere where it is utilized on a computer. Now GMail is the best email service for computer geeks. It offers a plethora of useful features, keyboard shortcuts and stuff. You could earlier drag and drop files to attach to email (and then hit the 'Send' button to automatically send the email once the file has uploaded and go make some coffee meanwhile). Now, you can do the reverse.

The GMail blog wrote that if you are using Google Chrome, you can even drag and drop the attachments from the email to your computer, and save it like that. No need to click 'Download' and save it somewhere.

When you mouse over an attachment in an email that has come to you, the tip box says 'Click to view OR drag to your desktop to save'. That's a little timesaver.