Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things to do with Wolfram|Alpha when you're bored: IP Lookup

I just wrote my first post on doing stuff with Wolfram|Alpha when you're bored. This is a new series by the way. This is another fun thing you can do with the powerful computational knowledge engine.

You can use it to look up IP addresses. Well, it doesn't sound like it's fun, but it gives you the physical location of the device and you can display it on a map too. You have to put in the Internet IP address, not the home network IP address of your computer or Wi-Fi enabled phone. Another fun thing is that you can actually write in a domain name in the bar and watch the fun things that come up. When you put in an IP address, the result looks something like this (click image to see a bigger version):

If you click the link 'Show map', it even plots the location of the IP address on a map.

Well, I don't encourage tracking people using Wolfram|Alpha in anyway, and I make it clear.

Okay, so you suddenly want to look your own IP address up? Ask Wolfram|Alpha 'Where am I?' and it will give you a perfect answer. Don't worry. No one is tracking you. All the websites you visit (almost) track your IP address. Probably even my site. Don't worry about anything.

Okay, enough IP addresses. Try looking up a domain address. You'll get the location, and you can see it on a map the same way also. Here's an example of that:

Remember that you can click the above image to see it more clearly as well. Wolfram|Alpha detects the domain, and looks it up. Apart from showing you the location, it also shows you other details about the site, including the site rank, by number of visits (Wolfram|Alpha thus shows us that Google is the most visited site on the web).

Now Wolfram|Alpha proves to be a pretty good companion, no matter what you're doing. Let me know how you use the service in the comments below. Have fun with it!