Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fix Chess Titans counting multiplayer game as a loss in stats

Okay, the Chess Titans game included in Windows is pretty good, with amazing graphics and cool animations. But, there's a big catch. It counts any multiplayer game as a loss in your statistics. This is stupid, as one player has to lose anyway in such a game.

But you can fix that. When it says that the game has been counted as a loss in your statistics, choose that you want to go back and try again. Now, Undo the moves one by one, until the very beginning of the match. When both the sides are back in their starting positions, close the game. Everything works perfectly. The game won't be stupidly counted as a loss for you.
And you can press Ctrl+Z to do things faster

I hope they fix the bug in an update. Yes, it may sound stupid, but Windows is built for entertainment too, according to Microsoft. Why leave such a bug out there, then?

Another thing, this little trick can also be used to trick the computer when you lose a game against is for perfect stats. Yay! Cheating!