Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enable Google Instant in Opera without installing anything

Unfortunately, for Opera users, Google Instant doesn't work in their browser. Considering how much people are enjoying Instant and how it is getting better all the time, Opera users certainly cannot keep playing with their thumbs, waiting for a fix to come out. For those who simply can't switch to a better browser like Firefox or Chrome, I have a fix for them.

To use Google Instant, you need Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE...!!! So, if you want it to work with Opera, you have to make Google think that you're using one of these browsers. Luckily, Opera has weird advanced features built into it. It can appear to be another browser to any particular website.
  • In the dialog box that appears, switch to the Network tab.
  • Here, find the dropdown menu at the bottom and change it to the option shown here:
Now, Google will think that you are using Firefox and Google Instant will run with no problem, no hassle. Thanks to an Opera feature. Good luck. And be sure to check out my other tips and tricks in the archive. There are lots of web browser stuff, and tons of Facebook tips and tricks.