Friday, October 1, 2010

Track clicks on your links with Google's new URL shortener

A URL shortener is a service that shortens the URL of a website and makes a tiny URL out of it so that you can use it on Twitter and other such websites where you have a shortage of characters to type. Some examples are TinyURL,,, and more. Yes, go ahead and click them. They are websites.

Google had its own URL shortener too. Earlier, the '' URL shortener was just integrated in Google services. Now, it has gone public. Google says that their service offers more stability, security and speed. Well, then it's one service to check out.

Also, there's an interesting aspect to this service. Unlike most others, can track your short links too. Now, here's what that means. The link I have in the previous paragraph has been shortened by When I browse to the site now, I can see the number of clicks done on them. That's useful. So now you can see how many people have clicked your link and when.

So, go to now and start shortening your links.