Sunday, October 24, 2010

Use Opera Portable to access blocked websites from anywhere

The Opera browser is a browser with very unique features. When you turn on the Turbo mode, like on mobile devices, the browser sends the request to Opera's high performance servers, which then act as a middle person to transfer the website to you. In the process, the servers compress the data, so that it downloads very fast on your computer. Though it causes the images on the page to be of lower quality, it does the work super-fast if you happen to be using a very slow Internet connection.

You can also use this feature to your advantage when going to school or work.

On school and many workplace networks, many websites (that may make you unproductive) like Facebook, YouTube etc. are blocked by the administrators. When your browser sends a request to connect to any of the blocked website servers, the network blocks you.

Opera Turbo on
But if you use Opera Portable on a flash drive (so that you can carry it around), run it on a computer at your workplace and then turn on Opera Turbo, your browser will send the request to the Opera servers, which will act as anonymous proxies for you. The network will not be blocking the Opera servers from communicating with you, and you will be able to browse the websites safely.

You can also install the regular Opera on the computer you use at work to use this tip.

Network admins usually block out major anonymous web proxies, which are usually free services that download sites for you. But it will hardly ever be a case that an institution is blocking Opera servers. Plus, unlike other web proxies, Opera will let you download compressed websites, giving you much better performance too.

Download Opera Portable Edition now.

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