Monday, November 8, 2010

The scary X-Ray of Google logo

Ever heard of the X-Ray? Of course! It's a technology that has revolutionized not only medicine, but also so much more, including archaeology. And believe it or not, it is a pretty old thing. Actually, exactly 115 years old on the day of writing this article.

Yes, it's the 115th anniversary of the X-Ray, invented by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895, and Google is celebrating it with a Google Doodle... that shows the insides of the Google logo.

Well, apparently, they made the logo using dinosaur bones
If you look up X-Rays online, you'll see that there are many different important years in its history. So, there is no particular date we can say that 'X-Rays' were actually discovered. But initially, Röntgen discovered the new kind of radiation in 1985.

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